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We offer a wide range of premium and standard aprons, equally designed with a focus on quality fabrics and engineered for freedom of movement, maximum flexibility and optimal comfort. The variety of color choices and styles for both females and males are just a couple of well known characteristics of a Burlington apron.


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The eyewear is unique in the industry, offering X-ray protection eyewear that is guaranteed not to fog up during normal use and normal care. This allows full protection to the user while using a surgical mask and in other situations where this vital protection may tend to fog up.

Thyroid Shields

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The standard size thyroid shield provides thyroid protection with the comfort of a Velcro closure. Offered in a wide variety of colors, you can have it customized to match your apron. It comes with a ring and tether to attach to the apron if needed.


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Standard size cap with your choice of closure.

Storage racks and hangers

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We can offer you different storage racks, hangers and bags for your lead aprons.