Ureteral catheters

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Ureteral catheter made of thermo-sensitive polyurethane material and a hydrophilic coating. A prefectly smooth surface ensures easy progression into the ureter, even in the most difficult situations.

  • 4-8CH, 80cm length
  • Thermo-sensitive polyurethane
  • Distal hydrophilic coating
  • Different types of tips (straight, curved, special)
  • Radiopaque: excellent visibility for total control
  • Graduated: ability to measure at any stage of the procedure
  • Accepts .035" guide wire once removed the stylet, provided with Luer-lock


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VarioTip, the „visible“ diagnostic instrument, guarantees the urologist excellent steerability and torqueability to facilitate the ostium passage and easy manipulation in the ureter.


  • radiopaque material
  • smooth surface allows easy access
  • 30° angled tip, open-ended
  • 1 cm markers
  • metal stylet
  • contrast media injection port

VarioTip Premium

  • nylon braided shaft
  • 30° angled, soft catheter tip
  • extremely radiopaque tip made of tungsten
  • 1 cm markers
  • metal stylet
  • contrast media injection port