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RocaUS BiFlex EVO Ureteral access sheath

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Flexible ureteroscopy set including an access sheath and a dilation catheter with 2 working channels:

  • A 360mm 2-in-1 access sheath with a 400 mm dilatation catheter
  • The dilatation catheter provides two working channels of each 3CH
  • Multiple combinations: doubling the guide wire, guide wire and opacification with always the ongoing security of a guide
  • The access sheath and the catheter are both hydrophilic coated for an easy and non-traumatic progression into the ureter
  • Specific different colors to identify the two working channels (distal and lateral holes) for greater speed and safety during the procedure
  • The sheath is highly resistant to kinking and crushing, allowing easy and successive withdrawals and rises of the endoscope if needed
  • Platinum embedded ring in the distal tip offering a perfect viewing position for a secured positioning
  • Available in 10 and 12 CH inner size