Nipple areola reconstruction

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Tattooing device

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Modern aesthetic reconstructive surgery required the development of a tattooing handpiece which meets both, the modern operators requirements and the complex hygiene regulations. The maximum penetration depth of 2 mm can be adjusted in 0.2 mm increments using the distance sleeve. Dye uptake is induced by capillary action with a recommended speed of 10,000 rpm, that corresponds to a stroke rate 57 strokes per second.


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Because a pigment fits the definition of the medical implant (put in a invasive way into the skin and stays for life), our supplier formulates and makes its pigments so that they are approved CEIIb. All of the pigment ranges show the following characteristics:

  • Strict selection of High Purity raw materials
  • Manufactured in sterile conditions (class ISO5)
  • Precision mixing of mineral and organic pigments
  • Excellent colouring qualities
  • Chromatic Stability (thanks to the choice of raw materials)
  • Pigment dispersion adapted to the skin's pH, with no preservatives
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation (an approved industrial technique) with doses < 25kGy. Sterility valid for 5 years
  • Traceability by batch number
  • Colours may be reproduced using a spectrophotometer