Mammary expanders

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Natrelle™ 133 PLUS

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With the Natrelle™ 133 Plus you’ll still find the classic features you’ve come to expect from Natrelle™:

  • A broad range of 42 products in tabbed and non-tabbed options
  • Anatomical design that delivers a natural look and feel with high patient satisfaction
  • BIOCELLTM surface to promote tissue adherence
    - Keeps the expander in place for precise and optimal expansion
    - Creates non-contractile soft tissue cover for the final implant
  • Reduces patient visits and pain
  • Allows the inframammary fold to be created passively
  • Port size designed for ease of insertion and removal
  • Predictable, long-lasting shape with fewer complications

Natrelle™ 150

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Natrelle® 150 anatomical permanent expanders enable achievement of excellent results with a good breast form and few complications.

  • Anatomical design to provide a more natural outcome
  • BIOCELL® texture reduces rotation6 and contributes to lower capsular contracture rates
  • 360° INTRASHIEL® barrier layer minimises silicone gel diffusion
  • Stable base giving unidirectional expansion for a more natural result
  • Silicone gel-fi lled outer lumen surrounding a saline adjustable inner lumen provides the adjustability of a saline implant with the look and feel of a silicone gel-fi lled device
  • Remote injection port