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Liposuction devices

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PAL® Liposuction System

MicroAire’s PAL® LipoSculptor™ is the only US-patented liposuction instrument using a reciprocating motion (rather than rotating) to facilitate the movement of the cannula within tissue.

This innovation reduces the amount of manual force and physical effort required to perform lipoplasty, especially in areas with fibrous tissue.
The result is a more comfortable experience for both the surgeon and the patient.

Nouvag Suction pump

A bigger motor for generating vacuum predestinates this pump for expanded insets. It does its job in a sturdy, quiet and reliable way that lets you keep your eyes on the patient.

Fat transfer

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LipoFilter™ is a highly effective and reliable canister-style filter that works with most aspiration systems.

Designed for in-line compatibility with the MicroAire PAL system, as well as any traditional suction-assisted liposuction systems (SAL), the LipoFilter™ offers an innovative approach to filtering adipose tissue using a trouble-free, disposable canister employing a gravity-filtration system. 

Made entirely of high-strength polycarbonate Lexan® (the same material used in helmets, high-performance windshields and bullet-resistant windows), the LipoFilter™ offers simple assembly and operation.

Infiltration pump

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DP30 LipoPlus

The Dispenser DP 30 Lipo Plus is a specifically for liposuction designed tumescence infiltration pump, delivering high volume of tumescence liquid with an optimal pressure.


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Black & Black Surgical re-usable cannulas