Another Successful Vesalio™ Clot Interaction Workshop

Clot Interaction Workshop


Another successful Clot Interaction Workshop @ the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, Barcelona. 

A diverse group of physicians from 8 different countries trained on new approaches for clot retrieval with the NeVa™ Drop Zone Retrieval Technique at the Vesalio Clot Interaction Workshops that took place at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute.


Clot Interaction Workshop


Participants started by discovering the design differences of the NeVa Thrombectomy device and how the Drop Zones offer an alternative mechanism of interaction with different types of thrombus. After discussing the impressive clinical results of NeVa and the value of improving on first pass rates, they got a chance to perform several thrombectomy procedures with different clot types and sizes.


Clot Interaction Workshop


The participants of these sessions were particularly fired up about pushing the limits of the NeVa Drop Zones, experimenting with hard clots as big as 4cm, tandem occlusions, and elastic clot varieties. Some of the newer members of the NeVa product family, such as the NeVa T5, with five Drop Zones and the 6 mm NeVa were also tested in an atmosphere of a convivial challenge during the two sessions.



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